Thursday, August 2, 2012

"I have a very simple clay routine." -Thinz

.Featured Artist.

Another day for another Featured Artist. Let's meet the so-called "Chibi Queen"; Thina or Thinz.


Hey! I am so flattered to be chosen as a featured artist and to have some interview as well because I am a nobody of course, hehe!

Here we go.. Thina Villanueva here, i had a friend who introduced me to a clay, (finished product na!). She told me na kung ako daw ang gagawa for sure kaya din ko yun.. Thankful agad kasi she believe in my talent di ba? At first syempre wala akong idea, until my other friend of mine make yakag me to accompany her sa WS without knowing kung ano ang gagawin dun. Ayun nga it’s a basic polymer clay WS with my mentor Poxee.. waley appeal sa akin yung ibang ginawa namin during ws.. kinarir ko lang talaga ang mga chibi hahaha! :P Voila! Yun na!

How long you are working as an Artist?

It started the first time i post my first batch of chibis.. way back Nov. 2010.. mag 2 years na din po.

If there is, how and what's the meaning of your signatured Name?
It’s a simple connection between my passion and name... simply Clay Thinz <3

Your best stamina/ for working/creating?
I have a very simple clay routine, I generally focus on what is probably most important details sa gagawin ko and which is the right things to do… with some foods sa tabi ko.. hahaha!

Creativity means...
Simply means that you have the ability to think and create something new and different.

What makes you inspired by pursuing your gifted-talent?
When people recognized, criticized, giving a positive feedbacks and believing in my talents。

What do you like about your work?
Enjoy lang ako sa ginagawa ko... di ko iniisip na trabaho ito.

Which colors you prefer to work with? And why? Give some 3.
Nothing in particular.. lahat ng clay colors magaganda. 

Do you think do you have some signatured creations or your usually eager to do? 

My very own version of Tinkerbell.. that becomes associated sa shop name ko.. 

Where/How did you get ideas about your creations?

From my clients own style, designs and ideas..

What's your huge dream project?

So far, i can't think anything huge project. I just enjoying what I am making right now.

Can you give a piece of tips for your co-artists or for those who still keen to learn? 
Just use your own imagination and think about your own technique how to improve, hindi yung puro gaya.. :P


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